20150805_114310As I left on a camping trip to the mountains for a moment forget about the upcoming school supply distribution in 8 days, I found myself answering the phone for a work call. It was Wal-Mart. The question, “What is the last day you can pick up the school supplies? Your order had difficulties and it might not even arrive on time.” I strategically thought through the conditions and determined that Wednesday gave me the minimum amount of time, but it would be close. Any mistake and my volunteers and staff will have me hung. Any sooner and the order might not be in. Later we wouldn’t get our job completed.

Of course, during those last days, our volunteers and staff prepared hundreds of bags of school supplies, entered names into lists and boxed supplies in preparation for churches. This was much better than the years before loading two trailers of boxes the the morning of or picking up a fallen pallet in the road on a 4 block journey.


The day of the event hundreds of families and kids went to churches. They met excited church members who were reaching into their community. The families received much needed supplies. Love INC’s role that day was to take pictures and help support those churches. It was an exciting process.